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Here are some unsolicited quotes from past students and colleagues:

12 Responses to “Graffiti”

  • Marisa says:

    John Hollis is a wonderful colleague and performer whose attitude infuses every rehearsal and performance with high-quality sound and sheer joy. Work with him if you can!

  • Chris says:

    Our seven-year old daughter loved her year or so of lessons with John. We as parents were impressed with his focused and organized approach–a little rudiments, a little reading, a little rockin’ out jamming! She has stayed with the instrument and John’s hand picked successor but we miss him and were sad to see him go.
    Chris A

  • Darko says:

    I’ve been playing and recording music with this guy for almost four years now. He’s the best! Rock solid groove machine who does it for the right reason, the love of the music. Merry Christmas, Hollis!

  • Rod McCarvel says:

    John taught my ten-year old son until he relocated to the Bay Area, and my kid still misses him. He learned a lot, and he enjoyed himself immensely. If for whatever reason John ever decided to return to Seattle, we’d sign up for lessons again immediately! If you’re looking for a teacher who can communicate musical knowledge and skills to his students – even young students – in a positive and supportive manner, you would have a hard time finding anyone better.

  • Laurie Franklin says:

    I loved my drum lessons with Hollis! Great teacher, great guy, knows everything about all things music. I always looked forward to my lessons – they were a lot of fun and I was very sad when they ended.

  • Nomi says:

    John Hollis is an incredible musician, teacher, and friend. Not only was he able to teach my son all of the rudimentary basics of drumming, but he made it fun be teaching him how to play parts of his favorite songs! He was so patient with my seven-year-old son and was a natural at breaking things down for even the youngest drummer. Wish he was still in Seattle!

  • Carl Miller says:

    John Hollis is one of the finest drummers you will ever work with. His focus is superb; his range is impressive–able to shift with fluidity and authority between stylistic touchstones as far-reaching and diverse as Tony Williams, Stewart Copeland, Elvin Jones and John Bonham. Possessing a huge heart and a probing and philosophical cast of mind, he does what great musicians do–illuminate and unfold potentialities in music a more average player might not even suspect were there.

    -Carl Miller

  • Anonymous says:

    John Hollis is a dream drummer… the perfect blend of sensitivity and drive. An astoundingly together session guy, a brilliant performer, and a team player who keeps everything on track.

  • Phoebe J. says:

    John Hollis is a rare musician. His sensitivity and sense of magic in no way takes away from his ability to bring the house down, animal-style, when needed. It was a privilege to make music together in “How to Survive the Apocalypse.”

  • Rick Miller says:

    Hollis is easily one of the best drummers I’ve heard, let alone played with. Rock solid, fluent in many different styles, sings great high backup vocals, and a joy to work with. Seattle’s loss is San Francisco’s gain.

  • Mark Nichols says:

    Hollis is one great dude and a fantastic drummer! I’ve worked with him with great joy for years! ~mark

  • Sarah R. says:

    I have been a professional singer for a long time and a closeted drummer! I always wanted to play and when I was ready for lessons I could not think of anyone I wanted to work with more. I have sang with many great drummers- but when singing with John, he holds you in a cradle of rhythm and has an ear for where you are going like no one I have ever played with. I knew this would make him the right teacher for me. I was not disappointed. Equally good at both the technique of drumming as well as communicating the feel of the instrument so you find your inner drummer was what he brought to the table. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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