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I work regularly at two studios in San Francisco: ‘Get the Funk Out’ in the NOPA neighborhood (formerly Western Addition) and ‘Gulch Alley Studios’ off of VanNess avenue. Both are easily accessible off of BART with a short bus ride or Lyft/Uber. Each location is clean and fully outfitted with the necessary materials for drum lessons.

gulch*Weekly Half-Hour Lessons are best suited to players who like to play every week and make paced, steady progress. I recommend it for young beginners and people with limited time. A great deal can be accomplished in these sessions that carry a light footprint both cost and time-wise. $35.

**Weekly 45-Minute Lessons provide a solid serving of musical material and discussion. Students who wish to explore more subjects and/or take the extra time to focus in a particular direction. $45.

***Full Hour Music Lessons. These sessions are geared for students who wish to progress more quickly and have the desire to absorb more material and crave a more in-depth educational experience. When I learned to play, I did so with steady, weekly hour-long drum lessons. $50 per.

We can dive deep into a variety of topics such as groove development for songwriting, studio/stage professionalism, technology/recording, MIDI applications, physiology/technique, music business issues, balancing of life and art, or any topic you want to focus on. Have an audition comin up? I I can help you prepare for it, or learn a set for an upcoming live show, recording session, or a run-up up for a tour .
These sessions are $50 per hour and there is a 2-hour minimum.

Students/Young Artists!
•If you are currently a student or a self-supporting artist please feel free to contact me about rates.

If necessary or preferable, I am able to come to your studio/residence to conduct lessons. Contact me for details.





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