rhythm is your new best friend


I play a wide variety of musical styles on drums and percussion and have a long history of performance art in live bands, theater and orchestra. I teach drum set, symphonic and marching percussion, electronics in drumming, and general rhythm lessons for beginners.

If you want to learn to play the drums, be musician or an artist in any fashion, it only requires time, energy and a place to practice. Playing in a rock band, jazz band, theater or orchestra all require these simple elements. There is no age that is too early or too late.

Music is about communication and all of the specialized performing arts (dance, voice, acting) are vastly improved with a strong relationship to rhythm. Drum lessons can lead to many different amazing paths down the road. Rhythm/drumming is an artistic expression, AND a connection to creative thinking. My goal is to teach you to how play the drums musically.
We will blend your expressed personal goals with elements I think necessary to address in order to progress including timekeeping, technique, strength, creative thinking, musical awareness, studio/stage preparedness, and more.


Learning to play music helps you to grow personally and live artistically. Private instruction is the best way to personalize this amazing path and to progress quickly and efficiently.



Drum Set:
Play strong rock beats and fills, use stylish transitions, interpret song structure, develop natural technique, relaxation and independence, achieve proficiency in funk, rock, hip hop, swing and edm and play it musically.


Symphonic Percussion:
Few things in this world compare to playing history’s greatest music with a 120-member symphony orchestra. If you are in a school band with upcoming concerts or wish to study to become a member of an orchestra, I can help you understand the process to reach a high degree of technical proficiency in all instruments in the array of orchestral percussion.


Practicalities of Playing Live and in-Studio:

Recording sessions and live performances are a big part of being a drummer. Preparing for these situations is the best way to ensure success.


Sampling, Loops and MIDI:

I often incorporate loops and sampling into my live and studio work. MIDI triggering, sequencing, and digital audio workstations are highly flexible tools for musical expression.

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